Petr Marek

Petr Marek manufactures wooden car models. His workshop has given birth to a number of unique models, which you can see in his large gallery.

Models are made of high quality wood, namely cherry, pear and Turkish nut tree. The manufacturing process requires high skills and demands an extreme level of precision. Both traditional and up-to-date methods of processing the wood are used. The goal is to capture the fundamentals and characteristic features of a car. Although not being exact copies, they are original in design, enhanced by the combination of colours of the wood and specifics of natural materials.

Leading companies (ŠKODA - AUTO a.s., IVECO Czech Republic, Mercedez Benz and others) have used the models as unique presents for prominent people all around the world.

Models are delivered including a sanded glass showcase and a woden support.

Petr Marek

Petr Marek
 Na Kopečku 6, 755 01 Vsetín
 +420 603 175 996

Czech republic